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Become a donor


You can make a financial contribution through the Order of Malta Switzerland* Ordre de Malte Switzerland

  • With CHF 80 you will cover the costs of accommodation and food of one of the guests for a day.
  • With CHF 250 Swiss Francs you will allow for the participation of a guest to all the activities of the camp during the entire week.
  • With CHF 800 you offer one of the guests a full participation to the camp.

REF: Maltacamp2024
IBAN: CH30 0900 0000 3117 7283 5

You may also use the QR code available on this page (only for Swiss account holders).

(*Fiscal deductability from 40 swiss francs, regardless of the means of payment)

Become a sponsor

Your logo will be visible on our home and “About us” pages and we will thank you on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) for your (material) donation (company only).