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Applying includes a commitment to respect Maltacamp’s

National Team member

Do you want to join your national team for Maltacamp 2024 ?

You will have to contact your national team leader.

Registration for national teams will open in February 2024.

For more information contact us at

International Staff

Thank you for expressing your interest in the Order of Malta International Summer Camp 2024!

Your role as an international staff member involves assisting the Swiss organizers before, during, and / or after the camp to welcome and support the national teams.

You can submit your application for the camp staff position until May 31st. After reviewing your application, we will provide you with a provisional confirmation of your participation by June 30th. Following that, a link will be sent to you for completing the payment of the camp fee until the 31st July. The fee amounts to CHF 380, and your participation will be confirmed once the payment is successfully processed.

We look forward to welcoming you to the camp!